Scream ★★★½

It isn't easy to take up the torch from a legend like Wes Craven, especially with a series as beloved and influential as this. I think the Radio Silence team has done a pretty fine job at it though. As some know I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this franchise (though I've developed a soft spot for 4), but this feels pretty at home to me. For better and worse.

The opening is strong, once again. The kills are a lot more graphic this time around, which is fun, and they get spicy with it here and there (like one outside in broad daylight is pretty gutsy). I was amused by the references and meta commentary regarding the modern state of the genre, from everything to "requels" to "elevated horror".

Performance wise, it was a bit of a mixed bag for me, some of the cast feeling kind of stiff and forgettable, while others gave strong showings (I thought Jenna Ortega did quite well among the new batch). The returning vets all slotted in pretty naturally, which is to be expected after so many outings. I did feel like there was a little bit of lacking cohesion in the old and new though. Dewey fell in nicely, but Sidney and Gale, while they felt like themselves, also felt like they were in their own little movie. I realize it's a hard sell and all, but I'd have been content with them being smaller roles. But that's a whole thing I suppose.

Plot wise, it's a little convoluted, though I get what they're going after in terms of meta commentary, and I feel fine about that. Just the reveals and reasoning were kinda eh. One of the killers is so incredibly obvious that I'm surprised it wasn't a misdirection. But so it goes, I haven't exactly been shocked by any of the reveals in the series haha. I did find myself wondering about the runtime too, they milk a few sequences, and with us once again hitting a number of familiar story beats, it can feel a little lacking in excitement at some points.

So once again, I'm not exactly in love with the movie, but it's fun, bloody, and has some cute winks for genre fans like me who are a little too online and invested.

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