The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter ★★★★½


The Deer Hunter Is Consider One Of The Best And Most Important Anti War Film Ever Made And I Can Confirm That They Are Absolutely Right.

The Story/Plot

A group of working-class friends decides to enlist in the Army during the Vietnam War and finds it to be hellish chaos – not the noble venture they imagined. Before they left, Steven married his pregnant girlfriend – and Michael and Nick were in love with the same woman. But all three are different men upon their return.

Winner Of 5 Oscars Including Best Picture The Deer Hunter Follows The Story Of 3 Friends Michael Portrayed By Robert De Niro , Nick Portrayed By Christopher Walken And Steven Portrayed By John Savage Preparing To Head On In The Battle Of Vietnam Leaving Their Friends And Loved Once Behind One Being A Girl Played By Meryl Streep Who Both Michael And Nick Are In Love With. Then The Three Get To Experience The True Form Of War And Coming To Terms With The Reality Of Things , The Three Get Captured And They Are Forced To Play Russian Roulette , Needless To Say They Do Escape And They End Up Surviving The War. Upon Michael Returning Home He Is A Completely Different Person But I Can See That He Tries To Hide His Emotion As Best As He Can. Meanwhile Nick Discovers A Place Where He Continues To Play Russian Roulette And Winning A Lot Of Money Which He Decides To Send To Steve Who Lost Both His Legs In An Effort To Climb In A Rescue Helicopter With Michael. The Film Feels Very Slow Burning And The Delivery Of Dialogue Is Very Strong. Now That Michael Has Returned He Builds A Strong Connection With Linda (Meryl Streep) And When Michael Does Find Out What Nick Is Doing He Decides To Go And Confront Him About Returning Home. De Niro And Walken Are Phenomenal In This Film , Truly Powerhouse Acting With A Lot Of Emotional Moments. Walken Was A Huge Surprice To Me In This Film. The Last Scene Is Indescribable , No Words Just Pure Silence , And The Characters Trying To Come In Terms With A Loss. Sure Some Scenes Do Kinda Feel Overly Stretched Out Especially The Wedding Scene But I Thing That Was The Point Of The Film , Trying To Show The Characters Life Before The War , When They Were Truly Happy And Felt That They Were Home And How The Went Deer Hunting Before And How It Felt After The War. Michael Cimino Did An Excellent Direction In This Film , The Vietnam Scene Feels Very Real Especially The Explosions , And I Really Love The Soundtrack And The Cinematography.

In Short Words The Deer Hunter Is A Very Powerful Anti War Film Presenting In A Strong Form The Aftermath Of War And Strong Bond Friendships And Coming In Terms With A Loss. What A Powerful Film.

And As Christian Slater Said In True Romance " The Deer Hunter , Now That's A Movie"


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