Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★


"Fuck off Hitler"

Combining Comedy And Drama In The Most Efficient And Clever Way Possible , Taika Waititi Delivers A Film Of Complete Fresh Air Presenting A Portrayal Of War In A More Satirical Way Yet Full Of Heart And With A Dose Of Hard Cold Reality At The Same Time. Jojo Rabbit Tells The Story Of A Young German Boy Jojo Betzler Who Sees The Wolrd Very Differently Imagining Hitler As This Cool Dude And I Must Say That There Were A Lot Of Comedic Moments Revolved Around The Imaginary Hitler In Jojo's Head But At The Same Time A Lot Of Sad And Really Hard Hitting Moments. The Cinematography Is Gorgeously Layered With A Vintage Style And Some Pretty Amazing Production Design. The Characters Are Pretty Likeable And The All Give Great And Memorable Performances And I Would Also Like To Mention That Sam Rockwell Hasn't Change At All ( Seriously That Motherfucker Looks The Same As 15 Years Ago). The Story Is Gripping , Heartwarming And An Interesting Look At A Young Boys Mind On Seeing The World Much Differently With His Imaginary Adolf Hitler Friend Thinking He Is This Cool And Funny Dude (Also Taika Waititi Aces It). But In The End This Is A War Film And You Can Really Tell In Some Parts That Cold Hard Reality Is Still Breezing Through The Atmosphere , What A Truly Delightful Surprise This Was.


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