Eradication ★★★

What does this disease do to people?

An interesting low budget isolated infection apocalypse thriller that sort of lightly blends Last of Us clickers (in sound) with vampires. This is what I had expected when I first saw the trailer for It Comes at Night, and what I wanted more of when I saw the underwhelming In the Earth. For a first time feature, director and co-writer Daniel Byers definitely shows some promise. I would very much like to see what he could do with the backing of an A24 or NEON, as Eradication looked and sounded good, was acted well enough by the extremely small cast size (who of which are all relatively first time actors), and had a solid fleshed out narrative without needing to use the crutch assistance of flashback nor tiresome monologues. It also helps that it was probably filmed during COVID, as its plot seemingly fits perfectly into the pandemic narrative and quarantining. These Tubi Originals are not too bad so far. 

PS: I’m excited to check out some of Byers’ short films of which mainly revolve around the undead and feature the protagonist of Eradication, Harry Aspinwall (who at subtle times gives off some young Christian Bale mannerisms). 

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