Dune ★★★★½

"I see a holy war spreading across the universe like an unquenchable fire. A warrior religion that waves the Atreides banner in my father’s name. Fanatical legions worshiping at the shrine of my father’s skull. A war in my name! Everyone shouting my name!”- (Paul's "Jihad" in the books, which Villeneuve intelligently yet sadly for dated comedy's sake, renamed)

One of the biggest compliments you can give a book to screen adaptation, is that both the reader and non-reader alike absolutely love the rendition. Denis Villeneuve and company have dune just this, and in respectfully epic fashion. This is my third trip to Dune, but the first for my parents and brother—my father being the only one with past experience with Stilsuits and battling Harkonnen via his long ago viewing of David Lynch's take. All three of them absolutely loved the film, expressing baffled looks and shock when I told them that the film had ended. For a brief moment, they literally thought the blackout "Dune Part 1" title card before the credits was to be an intermission—their thinking being that the aforementioned "Part 1" at the beginning being a notification that the film would be split in two. For a film that's nearly 3hrs long and not a major studio franchise, that's massive praise right there, that these three were not only expecting, but also happily willing to sit for another 2+ hours. I had to grab my standing dad and tell him the film was ending, because he was almost about to rush out for a quick bathroom break. And I'm right there in agreement. I can't wait for the director's cut, so we can see the unfortunately cut out banquet hall politics, Wanna's subplot, more mystery to the hidden spy aspect, Dr. Kynes ecological world building, and maybe even the secret garden note with Margot and Jessica. None of those director's cut omissions just listed are direct spoilers, and I don't think they're enough detail to warrant a spoiler tag. 

Some minor details I really admired on this rewatch (🚨 hinted spoilers below this 🚨):

- Duncan has the same red-light gravity tech on his belt, that Baron Harkonnen has on his spine, and the Sardukar have on their belts. Duncan only uses it once to sort of hover knee one of the Sardukar in a fight. 

- Baron striaght up decapitated Dr. Yueh, as you can very briefly see his "freed" head in hand—if you have hawk sight like Duke Leto—before its audibly heard being thumped onto the ground beside Piter. It's right before chungus Baron hovers over before a nude Duke Leto.

- The production design and subtle world building parallels between Fremen tech and the ecology of Arrakis. The stil-tent has a similar wicking and water recycling texture system to the ears of the little Maud'dib, to hydrate. The sand-compactor is essentially a miniature Maker sand worms mouth in a Fleshlight container no cap. The thopters and their obvious dragonfly design. The hunter-seeker being similar to a mosquito. 

- While the flashback memory of Paul's sword training with Duncan Idaho isn't involved, we do see Jamis go for the behind the back knife switch before being bested. "The knife is more dangerous than the hand and the knife can be in either hand."

- The water rings on Jamis' wrapped corpse post antal duel.

- Some Star Wars scene resemblance in the hidden ecological base, perhaps from Lucas reading and being influenced by Frank Herbert's Dune.

VILLENEUVE RANKED (I need to rewatch Sicario to determine if Dune takes the 2nd place)

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