Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

"You must accept yourself as fallible in order to love others and life."

"Do it for the vine! I ain't gonna do it" plus "for science" meets arthouse frat-bro antics in a cathartic midlife crisis film where Professor Mikkelsen and his high-school professor friends test if life is better when riding a steady yet gradually escalating buzz all day. A very simple premise, but quite the hilarious and all-too-real one carried by the lived-in performances and dedication to not only the enjoyment of good libations but the socio-psychological benefits and hurdles of "L-I-V-I-N." Surely to be a Best Foreign Picture nominee and hopefully a best lead actor nom for the deserved Mads—the dance scene alone is outstanding work. Another Round posits some valid questions and thought provoking suggestions, leaving you with a curious appreciation and dare I say optimism as the credits roll. What do I say? Well, Finn Skårderud's obscure scientific theory is put to the test almost every week in uni, or when pub-crawling in Ireland. The conclusion? 60% of the time, a messy and expensive success depending who you're with. What a life; make of it what you will. 

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