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This review may contain spoilers.

never could've guessed bautista would be the funniest person in a film but hey, he's hilarious!

i think there's a lot of heart behind vol. 2, even more so than the first, with everything about family and redemption, much revolving around the guardians unique attitudes to each other and the problems they each face through the length of the film and even some for the previous one, and how they react/overcome them. yondu's funeral is easily the best scene - filled with a warm song and shining colors for a tribute to his redeemed character: 'I ain't done nothin right my whole life rat. You need to give me this.'. it's beautiful.

they also chose so many pefect songs for this. every couple minutes some great song starts playing and it makes the whole scene more enjoyable. one of the most awesome opening scenes of all time - baby groot is such a great dancer!!

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