Spencer ★★★

I’ve been imagining how they’ll write about me in a thousand years. If you’re Royal, the more time that passes, the fewer words they use to describe you. William the Conqueror. Elizabeth the Virgin. Diana... if I ever do become Queen, what will I be? Insane?  

To me she’s Lady Di, the free spirit, the one that got away, a mother who loved her children, an inspiring woman, a style icon, a tragic fate, the People’s Princess, the Queen of hearts. Your were your own hero and your legacy will live on forever, Diana, you are missed. 
And you, what words would you use to describe her?

Now, regarding Kristen Stewart. I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t 100% convinced when she was cast to portray Diana but I was wrong (and guys I rarely admit I’m wrong), she was phenomenal

On the other hand, regarding the film, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was good but I’m disappointed that Diana is portrayed as insane and as a spoiled princess who became an oppressed victim. 
We will never know the reality of what happens in the castles and this movie is not supposed to represent the reality of the facts but we can easily imagine how Diana felt imprisoned by the monarchy. And I feel that this film tries to make us represent as good as possible the urgent need that she had to leave everything in order to live her best life. 

Here is my favorite quote :

- Do you want to be the Queen, soldier?
- I’ll be your mum. That’s my job. 

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