Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★½

The Sergio and Ennio duo is so powerful, I love it. Ennio's music always fits perfectly into Sergio's well crafted scenes. The first half (Children's narrative) was absolutely perfect, it was on track and engaging.

I get the confusion on the second half, some parts are confusing, out of place, there are some gratuitous rape scenes. Don't get me wrong the acting is incredible especially from Rob, but the story line gets sloppy around the middle parts. Th last half an hour was good though! Although, This is definitely the longest movie I've watched and it was so engaging the whole way through , which was awesome. (I'm sorry but I snoozed during 2001 odyssey).

Fantastic film, except the middle section did not fit properly into the story (But it was still weirdly engaging). Sergio is definitely one of my favourite directors. Scenes I consumed: Every scene with 14 y'old Jennifer Connelly, the baby scene, joe pesci scene and definitely the final scene.

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