Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Based on a Roald Dahl book I had never heard of, “Fantastic Mr Fox” feels like a storybook come to life. The head of a fox family swears off the dangerous life of stealing chickens from farms until the temptation proves too great. It’s absolutely bursting with liveliness on a purely visual level, more than anything I was reminded of autumn with the predominant orange and brown colors.

Wes Anderson’s movies are so comforting to watch, with their pleasing visual style. This film in particular lets him run wild with the visuals and especially the color scheme thanks to it being animated. In retrospect I’m surprised he’s only made two animated films, the medium seems more suited to his meticulous style.

The animation has also been limited to twelve frames per second to emphasize itself, and somehow it works rather than distracts. When you hear stories about how “Grand Budapest Hotel” was initially made as an animatic I imagine this is how it would look.

Despite the starry cast, each voice is well suited to their characters. George Clooney as a smooth talking fox — just perfect. And you gotta love the obscure Beach Boys songs on the soundtrack, it’s about time “Heroes and Villains” got some use in a motion picture. This is just the kind of picture one wishes for when they desire something for both kids and adults. Four stars.

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