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I like to read and write reviews. You probably won't agree with my opinions. Leftist and I don't like conservatives!

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  • Rosemary's Baby
  • Match Point
  • Melancholia
  • The Wrestler

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  • Force Majeure


  • The Iron Giant


  • Blair Witch


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  • Sideways



    ''Sideways'' is an extremely beautiful, intelligent film with a bold and interesting theme. It is a difficult work to digest. Daring to deal with deep issues without giving easy answers, not necessarily being optimistic, the work proves to be extremely courageous.

    In the film we follow a writer suffocated in his existential emptiness, brilliantly played by Paul Giamatti, a brilliant actor who here offers one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema, without exaggeration. His performance is extremely…

  • Blow-Up



    Blow-Up is misunderstood by many, and because of this it is often considered average or even hated. Which is a great injustice, but understandable because it is a purposefully complex film.

    In the film we follow an ordinary day in the life of Thomas, a bored photographer, who randomly decides to go and take pictures in a park. Later on analyzing them in his studio, giving a Blow-Up, he believes he accidentally took a picture of a murder. Finally, something…

Recent reviews

  • Aftersun



    ''Aftersun'' is a brilliant work that despite having a simple plot, is at the same time dense, powerful, sensitive and full of meanings that unfortunately not everyone will capture.

    It is a work that is like life, it happens mainly in ''small'' events, details. Because it is a film with a very strong dramatic load and multifaceted characters, it is worth highlighting the brilliant performances of Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio. Paul Mescal manages to convey all the pain of…

  • Soft & Quiet

    Soft & Quiet


    ''Soft & Quiet'' gains strength for its brilliant direction, which works the camera as if the spectator were a true witness of its events. By seeking to emulate a continuous shot, not by style, but by substance, the work is mature and socially conscious, as it understands the almost documentary realistic content of its script. Unfortunately, many people will not feel sickened by the characters, but rather, represented, which completely justifies the existence of this work.

Popular reviews

  • Match Point

    Match Point


    Woody Allen is one of the most talented screenwriters and directors of his generation. In Match Point, he proves once again his talent, even if slightly out of his comfort zone.

    With a filmography of ups and downs, (even for the high number of features) here is the filmmaker's masterpiece. A difficult film to summarize, Match Point covers several themes, and all of them in a dignified way. With an intriguing protagonist and capable of anything to achieve your goals,…

  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    In his fourth feature, Aronofsky reaches its climax in ''The Wrestler''. This film has a history not only with good performances, but also very well directed, in an almost documentary tone.

    In fact, it couldn't be different, since the film seems to tell the story of Mickey Rourke himself. In 'The Wrestler'', we accompany a decadent fighter, both in professional and personal life. The tension is growing and from the beginning we fear for the fate of the protagonist, who…