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Limite - Every Film Ever Shown

Limite launched on August 24th, 2020. It's a streaming platform dedicated to Brazilian cinema featuring content mainly in English but also in Portuguese. It was founded by me, William and Eric.

These are all the films we've shown to date.
And here are the links to our current programs:

The World Seen and Dreamt: A Collection of Films from Espírito Santo

  • Abolição
  • Vassourinha: The Voice and The Void
  • In Memoriam: O Roteiro do Gravador
  • Nitrato
  • Imagens
  • Que Cavação é Essa?
  • Menino da Calça Branca
  • That World and Mine
  • Juliana do Amor Perdido
  • The Night of the Scarecrow
  • Pé Sem Chão
  • Bandeira de Retalhos
  • Na Rota do Vento
  • Paraíba, Vida e Morte de um Bandido
  • Os Raptores
  • Cripta I
  • Running Waters
  • The Legend of Proitner
  • A Song for Freedom
  • Tutti Tutti Buona Gente, Propriamente Buona
  • Ponto e Vírgula
  • Heart Surgery in Espírito Santo
  • Kaput
  • Family Scenes
  • In The Beginning Was The Word