The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ★★½

Middling…that’s the one word that comes to mind after watching this third installment of the main Conjuring saga. With a few jump scares, this new “kinda true” story featuring the Warrens is just perfectly fine. (Let’s just say I’m glad I have a HBOMAX subscription). Look, the pluses in this series has always been Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga’s depiction of the Warrens. I just love that James Wan & the actors respect these characters, who could easily be parodied, but wisely never are. The fact that all three outings are treated respectfully gives an otherwise weak film some weight. Farmiga & Wilson embody the Warrens and you feel their love for the characters. Unfortunately, the film itself lacks the scares or gravity of the first two films. It’s almost like you are just waiting for the series to get to something more akin to Amityville now. Anyway, it’s decent for a HBOMAX watch, but I wouldn’t waste my vaccine protection on a theater.