Spencer ★★★★★

i will NEVER shut up about this movie from now on. i’m in love. 

kristen stewart was phenomenal in this role. she depicted the emotions and pressures so vividly and effectively. i wholeheartedly believe that no one else could’ve encapsulated diana like she did. her portrayal of her was so jaw dropping, that i kept forgetting i was watching kristen and not princess diana. if she doesn’t win a single academy award for this, i will take it to the streets !!! 

i really admire this film for not demonizing diana’s mental health. we see her hallucinations but it’s never used to evoke fear within the audience for mere entertainment. it’s not a horror. it’s a real woman’s real struggles, and she was dealing with this whilst being shredded apart by the public. this film was very gentle with its portrayal of mental health and i respect it immensely. 

i’m in such awe, i’m speechless !! i’ve always loved princess diana. i have so much respect for that woman— she was always so selfless and caring despite everything she was going through. truly a beautiful human who deserved so much more than what she was given.

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