Citizen Kane ★★★★★

It seems this review is doomed to be drowned in the endless praise this movie receives. That is mostly because this film is cinematic perfection. The cinematography, along with the acting, writing and direction is flawless. No matter what attitude you this approach this film with, you can only walk away complimenting it.

The narrative of this movie could be written about or discussed for days or weeks. It centers on one of the most interesting characters in film; a man who is incapable of loving anyone but himself. This is a man who is in pain because he can't get himself to love another person. He loses sight of who he is, blinded by a veil of intense materialism and power hunger.

You could analyze every shot of this movie. The camerawork in this movie is masterful, and their is not much else I can say to explain it. Anyone could speak volumes as to the greatness of this film, but no one should waste time reading these reviews if they have yet to see the film for themselves.