Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★

Hoop-tober: Day 24 – Slaughter High

A group of high school jerks pull an elaborate April fools day prank which results in the accidental injury of a nerdy student. Years later they are lured back to the school for a reunion and are being killed one by one.

There really were a pile of school daze slasher type of films huh? We get almost two films here, as the extended prolog has to setup the high school incident, then we get a time skip and have to be reintroduced to all the characters all over again. I hate this, as it really slows the film down when the film basically has to start over.

The April fools day prank is bullying to the extreme and jerks involved seem to get off with a slip on the wrist. Of course their actions were not intended to kill the student, so the actions are suppose to come off as more uncaring than malice. However when we are re-introduced to the cast of jerks in present day, guess what they are still unlikeable jerks, that awful event didn’t faze them. So I guess we are suppose to root for the killer, but he wasn’t murdered and there wasn’t an attempt at murder, is his murdering these jerks really justified?

I might be thinking about this too much. There is a nice body count and some really neat kills including a sick face melt and death by lawnmower. The film is super dark in many scenes but I guess that is what you pick up an 8 pack of movies for $5, VHS quality, maybe worse. The movie also doesn’t seem to know how it wants to end. We get 3 endings and instead of sticking with one, you will either love these or call shenanigans.

Also one of the characters claims that April Fools Day ends at noon, therefore the killings will stop at noon. I don't even know.

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