Dune ★★★★½

Probably the best art direction and design I have seen in a space opera since...I don't know, the original Star Wars trilogy? The ships look great and weird, as do the sets and costumes. It manages to blend the feudal and modern, the ancient and futuristic which is at the core of the novel's aesthetic.

I also think the movie did a good job of making the story accessible without bogging itself down too much in exposition dumps. There are exposition dumps, but they are mostly handled well. I can't say for sure as I know the novel quite well, but I think even newbies would be able to follow the story here.

The cast is great too, but Skarsgard gives a particularly sinister turn as the Baron Harkonnen.

I do wish the movie would have included more of the political slant of the novel, but Villeneuve has never seemed that particularly interested in politics, so I'm not really surprised. And given the fact he does capture the tone, spirituality, and characters of the novel so well, it seems greedy to want more.