Logan ★★★★½

Geoff T's X-Men Marathon #10
Logan (2017)

Every once in a while, there comes a movie that leaves me so speechless, that I just don't think anything I can type up will do it justice. Having gone through all the other X-Men movies, it's easy for me to say that Logan was worth the wait. It's a powerful, tragic and much more grounded tale than past entries. It will thrill, upset, shock, and even amuse you.

As of here, Logan is one of the few of his kind remaining, now trying to live a normal life as a limo driver while he and albino mutant Caliban take care of a heavily aged Professor Xavier in the outskirts of the Texas desert. I'd rather not go into too much detail, but let's just say that a younger mutant named Laura appears in his life, an escapee on the run from Transigen (a corporation dedicated to breeding young mutant experiments).

Here, we see a Logan more complex and human than ever before. He's a shadow of his former self, a gruff and aged alcoholic who has lost almost everyone he ever considered "family". Charles is just the same, withering away in his chair just waiting for his inevitable death, knowing that his goal to help human and mutant-kind co-exist has all been for nothing. Once Laura comes on the scene though, it becomes a battle for survival as the two of them try to get her to safety, all while a vicious group of mercenaries and agents pursue them.

To put it short, everyone gave it their best, the cast especially. Jackman, a young but brilliant Dafne Keen as Laura, and a practically mean and effective performance from Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, a villain so sadistic that you'll hate his very guts. Let's not forget Patrick Stewart, whose depiction of Charles from a once wise and knowledgable professor to a foul-mouthed old grump (with less control over his powers) is hilarious as it is upsetting.

The really great thing here though is that for the first time, we're actually presented a Wolverine film that gives us the raw grittiness other instalments were lacking. It's unapologetically gory from start to finish, blood is spilled, limbs are hacked off, and people are decapitated. You think you can be prepared for the onslaught, but believe me that you simply can't. There's just so many unexpected moments that make the action and battle scenes as hard-hitting as they are.

Even though it's undoubtedly the most intense and emotional of the series, it still has a sense of humour from time to time (even if it gets lost within the bloody carnage). It's very big on atmosphere as well. The beautiful desert landscapes (accompanied by the hauntingly brilliant themes of Marco Beltrami who I previously underappreciated) really emphasise the loneliness and isolation that Logan feels from the outside world.

Am I overpraising? Maybe, but I don't care. I thought Mangold did a respectable enough job with The Wolverine, but not only did he outdo himself here, but probably every other director who has worked on the series. This is quite simply a brilliant send off for a character that's been through absolute hell and back. Jackman has perfectly nailed the role for over 15 years, but now couldn't be a better time to move on.

All I can say is, great job everyone.

9.5/10 (downgraded from a 10 because reasons, still a great film though)

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