Inside Out

Inside Out ★★

No. Not the beloved Pixar movie alas. Instead, it's a crime vehicle starring…Triple H. Yup. While I've generally enjoyed these WWE Studios-produced joints so far, this one was just plain dull.

So A.J (HHH) is an ex-con and aspiring pickle salesman who has recently been released from prison after doing a decade's worth of time for manslaughter. He wants to stay clean and begin a new life free of crime, but his best friend Jack (Michael Rapaport) gets him back in the shit when he accidentally shoots a business associate dead. With a pile of money gone missing, Jack leaving town and a crime-boss (Jack's father Mr. Vic) on his back, it's up to A.J. so clean up the mess the only way he can.

So yeah, I couldn't really care much about anything that was going on in this thing. It's as sluggish and uninteresting as a crime-thriller could be, with a cliche-ridden narrative and boring subplots like a bureau investigating cigarette smuggling (related to Mr. Vic) and Jack being married to the mother of A.J.'s daughter. Not to mention that the tone here is all over the place as well. Sometimes it’s serious, other times it’s more tongue-in-cheek, but never really strikes a good balance between the two.

Quite few names in this that are quite recognisable to its credit. You have Michael Rapaport, whose character is completely insufferable and moronic, and B-movie veteran Bruce Dern, who is fine as Mr. Vic but otherwise feels wasted. And then there's Hunter himself, who I could see him being a decent action hero with his sort of background. Unfortunately, they don't really give him a lot to do here, the most "action" he engages in is beating up on a couple of guys, and that's it. Also, his character REALLY likes pickles for some reason. It’s almost like a running joke of some kind. I really don't know why either.

I’m rather disappointed really. The poster promised me a schlocky action-thriller with Hunter kicking ass. Instead I got a plodding crime-comedy/drama but without the comedy or drama. This one was a struggle to get through to be honest, one that even the biggest HHH mark would have a tough time with.


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