Gustavo Manso

I'm one of those people who watch the same things over and over.

Favorite films

  • The Evil Dead
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • The Hunt

Recent activity

  • Elemental


  • The Nightman Cometh: Live!


  • Talk to Me


  • My Best Friend's Wedding


Recent reviews

  • Elemental



    I went in expecting mediocrity and was very surprised, especially with the animation quality.
    But also, the characters are pretty good, great voice acting, and the jokes are quite well written. Considering it's a romantic comedy, though it doesn't revolutionize anything at all, it's much more enjoyable than a shitload of other works the genre has to offer out there.

  • The Nightman Cometh: Live!

    The Nightman Cometh: Live!


    That's probably the best musical work out there, change my mind.

Popular reviews

  • Us



    Jordan Peele runs toward a spot among the masters with this fantastic follow up to "Get Out". We can now notice some characteristics in his work as a director: the music, the humour... The twists. "Us" is clever, scary, surprising and very entertaining. Personally, I really got an 80's horror vibe throughout the watch, not in a retro-wave way though, just how the story unfolds and the humour, it really felt like an 80's film produced in the 2010's.

  • Cat Nation

    Cat Nation


    I've been watching so much of Chris Broad in the last three years it almost feels like he's my best pal. So I didn't get annoyed at all by this fun little documentary. I know how much he loves and respects Japan, its people and culture. I also know how much he doesn't respect cats. So yeah, maybe not the right host for a cat documentary, but I was much more amused by Chris's sarcastic persona than by all the cats (dog person here).
    Also I was surprised by a short appearance by Natsuki, the best person in the world.