Ambulance ★★★½

Ambulance: A GTA V Story. 

Gyllenhaal gave an exhilarating, explosive, energetic performance. Abdul-Mateen II and Gonzalez gave amazing performances as well and the action had me on the edge of my seat, though the dialogue, the plot, and Michael Bay references had me laughing at the film throughout and the drone camera-work mostly had me nauseous for the first half while I watched in the IMAX theater. Many ageism jokes, stereotypes, and cliches riddled the film and added to my nausea, I could have done without that.

Michael Bay and his dog, Nitro-Zeus, cameo 

Wale is in this btw, I didn’t know he was doing movies now.

Gyllenhaal talks about Braveheart in the first act and how it won a bunch of Grammys. I guess he got Braveheart confused with Taylor Swift maybe

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