Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

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If you wish to read my more in-depth thoughts on this film, I refer you to my first review:
This is a collection of additional thoughts I had on my second viewing.

On rewatch, a lot of my issues still remained, mainly the dreadfully generic score and the beyond unbearable humans on the Godzilla side. But the big G shoots his atomic laser breath through the crust of the planet into hollow earth so who cares about anything else?

The human/monster interaction, such as leading Kong to hollow earth or rigging a space ship to jump start his heart is great. More of that please! This is a film that feels like it was conceived by children, from the energy to the plot to the tone and action. I don’t mean that in a negative way, these big Vs monster films should tap into that childhood wonder and excitement. Reject the cynicism of boring man children who need their childish interests “validated”! Adam Wingard succeeds at making you feel like a kid again slamming your action figures together. 

The monster fights are shot very differently than the other films. Generally speaking, when shooting big CGI heavy action scenes, the easiest way to establish verisimilitude and make them more visceral is to keep the camera “real”. Keeping the camera “real” means that the positioning and shot compositions should emulate what a real camera could do in those situations. The past Monsterverse films stuck to that but this one does not, and that’s fine. Since the fights are including massive monsters and human involvement isn’t a factor, you can get away with more fantastical camera movements. Moments like the monster POV shots are very tongue in cheek and funny.

I picked a good day to rewatch this as news just came out that Adam Wingard is in talks to make the next Monsterverse film (Son of Kong). I’m so happy this series will continue and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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