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  • Natural Selection

    Natural Selection

    Natural Selection directed by Robbie Pickering (2011), is a film about a woman who finds out her religious husband is donating his specimen to a sperm bank when she believes she cannot conceive after he is rushed to the hospital. It's a bit of a wild story with the background, the ongoing, and the result of everything that happened. However, it was not executed as well as it could have been which may have been the reason why it had limited…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell

    The Farewell directed by Lulu Wang (2019), is a film about coming together in China to spend time with and prematurely grieve a loved one who is dying but doesn't know it. It's a touch story and a great film to watch as it was beautifully composed. I thought I'd be fully taken by the performances but it was still very good. I had high expectations for this film and it met most of them. However, it's not one I'd probably go back to often since I did not feel a connection but one to watch for how well it was done.

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  • Blackbird


    Blackbird, directed by Jason Buxton (2012), is a film about a teenage boy who is accused and successfully charged with conspiring to commit a school massacre. This film is Canadian and I'm not entirely sure if they have went through a period of satanic panic but this film felt very much like that. The boy listens to death metal and screamo, he dress like a punk or goth, he has satanic symbols on or around him, he journals weird and…

  • Desert Blue

    Desert Blue

    Desert Blue, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1998), is a film about a small desert town that is quarantined because of a toxic spillage from a truck carrying an ingredient for a beverage company that took the diverted water heading from the Rockies into California. The film mainly focuses on Blue a boy from the town trying to realize his fathers failed dream after his death. However, it does show how all of the characters are handling the situation and…