The Gray Man

The Gray Man ★★★½

This was a lot of fun! Russo’s feel in their element and while you can tell this was an R rated film cut down to PG-13, it mostly works. Some shoddy VFX, chaotic editing, and a clunky beginning aside, The Gray Man eventually finds its footing with some impressive thrilling set pieces and a deliciously scene stealing, douchey, insecure, sadist Chris Evans playing against type. Gosling is always solid and even through his stoic, man of few words veneer, manages to slip in some of that signature warmth and charm that help liven up what would otherwise be a rather cold character.

Look it’s a story we’ve seen a dozen times, but this time done with the touch of the Russo’s which…take it or leave it (and based on those sick drone shots they’ve been palling around with Michael Bay). It’s the prime example of a terse little airport thriller come to life on the big screen. Nothing spectacular, a fun little rush, but largely standard, disposable fare, which makes it a neat little throwback (even the dialogue packs a fair share of camp from a bygone era)…it just so happens to cost $200M…

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