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  • Deep Red
  • Thief
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Chinatown

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  • Breakheart Pass


  • The Devil's Possessed


  • Deadly Blessing


  • Enter the Devil


Recent reviews

  • Breakheart Pass

    Breakheart Pass


    Really fun murder mystery meets action yarn staring the one and only Charles “Chuck” Bronson. It’s set primarily on an army transport train, as it makes it way through a wintery landscape, heading for a remote army outpost that’s in dire need of medical supplies to combat an outbreak of some kind. The cast is top notch and the great stunt and practical effects work ample. I love a western set in the cold where characters are always pulling on…

  • The Devil's Possessed

    The Devil's Possessed


    A once valiant, though now evil baron uses the forces of darkness to dash his enemies and see himself propped upon the throne of medieval France. Only his vassals and neighboring nobles have other ideas and rise up to set things aright in the land. It’s a Robin Hood-like yarn (with torture) that’s more swashbuckling good fun than anything else. Me, I quite enjoyed myself, though I’m a sucker for this sort of thing.

Popular reviews

  • White Palace

    White Palace


    I love this film. It’s a beautiful portrayal of two grief stricken souls finding one another despite the fact that they’re from completely different worlds and social backgrounds. Spader has always been and will always be one of my favorite actors, and this is a different kind of role for him, too, so it was so nice to see him in this grounded (though highly erotic) love drama. Sarandon, well, I fell in love with her and her character by…

  • Madhouse



    I dunno, I found this so unsettling I stopped watching it the first time I tried it, meaning to revisit, but that took way longer than expected. Maybe I thought it was going to be schlocky and just wasn’t prepared for watching an honest to God “SCARY” horror flick. Plenty of great horror movies are frightening, and or gory or both, but far less twist your stomach with dread and make you shudder in fear. Glad to report I found…