Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

1984 Ranked
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The character of Willie really puts a damper on the film; she's both stock and annoying, and I don't buy her relationship with Indy even for a moment. That said, Capshaw is great in an absolutely incredible opening scene. Much like Raiders, Temple of Doom is quick and fast paced. I really like the darker turn, from plot to tone to visuals. I like the grimness of the story, the gore, the villains, and the blacks and deep reds of the temple. Short Round is super fun and his relationship with Indy is really well done. And that third act is incredible - one great action set piece to the next. Ritual to mine carts to bridge? Even just one of those sequences would be incredible in a single film, let alone a single act! Not the perfection of Raiders, but a really great entry.

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