Moonlight ★★★★★

It's about the idea of masculinity, think nature vs nurture, conducting ourselves the way we think the world wants us to behave. We see the evolution of this little boy dancing to this strong man that reminds me of Juan, the man who took him in during the first act. He's become someone else to survive because of his vulnerabilities, "Who is you man" but you can still see that little boy in his eyes, those same vulnerabilties “I'm me. I don't try to be nothing else”.

The emotions I felt through Chiron's journey finding himself made it clear this isn't just a film, it's an understanding of life, a big slice of life and an experience I'll never forget. BTW, Andre Holland's performance in that third act blew my mind. Moonlight is the greatest and most important film of 2016 and one of my new favourite films.

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