Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★½

Harold, use your awesome might, save me from this hopeless plight.” – Harmony

It’s been to long since I had last watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I remember always liking it and thought of it as a very good little movie. I changed my mind, it’s a great little movie. I love it when a movie can satirize a genre and still work within it at the same time. For that balancing act to work, it takes brilliant writing, crackerjack performances and a director who understand the material. For his directorial debut, “Lethal Weapon” screenwriter Shane Black assembled all the right people to realize his loving homage to pulpy crime novels, film noir and buddy action comedy.

A sharply written script like this brings out the best from the performers. Downey, Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan have all rarely been better. You can fell their enthusiasm and the fun they are having with the great material they were given. Especially the witty dialogue. I’m sure, a script like that is an every actor’s dream. On top of all that, the movie also looks great and has a very good score. I really fail to find much faults with this one.

What I also especially like about this movie is that, as funny as it is for a majority of the time, when it need to be mature and hit hard, it does not shy away from it. Kiss Kiss, bang Bang is a wildly entertaining R-rated Crime/Action/Thriller/Comedy with a lot of heart that treats its audience with respect. Not even 20 years later and that’s pretty much a lost art.

#Where the fuck is the sequel?

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