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  • My Blueberry Nights

    My Blueberry Nights


    I really think that My Blueberry Nights is Wong Kar-Wai’s most underrated film. I don’t quite understand why many fans of WKW dismiss this movie as one of his lesser works. For my money, it’s classic WKW. I also think the road-movie structure works very well with WKW storytelling style. I love exploring the U.S. through his unique eyes. I also think the movie has some of his best character work. The cast is great and everybody gives natural, honest,…

  • 2046



    From a narrative standpoint, this is pretty convoluted even for WKW standards. But if you manage to get into the rhythm this can still be a hypnotizing, sensual, melancholic and absolutely gorgeous journey into WKW land. 2046 almost feels like a summary of WKW whole body of work including many reverenced to his earlier films.
    I would definitely not recommend it for those who have not experienced at least some of his movies. But for fans of the director 2046 is trip well worth taking.

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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    Eerie, tension filled and unusually structured Horror-Thriller from first time director David Prior. I found myself constantly immersed by this films story and atmosphere. It has an original concept combined with a strong script and imaginative directing. Editing, cinematography, music and sound design are all top notch. The actors are all doing a bang-up job as well.
    This is an expertly crafted and surprisingly effective film. The low scores on IMDB, RT, and LB really don’t do this movie justice. I hope more people get to see this, because at this point, it is criminally underrated. WATCH IT!

  • Flower & Snake

    Flower & Snake


    "Look carefully. This is the true form of your god."

    Flower & Snake is the mother of all Nikkatsu Roman Porno. It was not the first but along with “Wife to Be Sacrificed” from the same year, it defined the genre and started a boom that would last until the end of the 1980’s. It is inconceivable by today standards that this film was not just a huge success, but also saved a major Japanese Film Studio from bankruptcy when it…