Halloween ★★★★★

John Carpenter's Masterpiece!! Halloween has been and will continue to be my favorite film of all time any genre. As a kid watching it on my 13inch black and white tv for the very first time after a night of trick or treating, it not only did it scare me to the fullest it also had me intently watching what was happening next. Is Laurie going to be able to find her keys? Is Tommy going to open the door before Michael Myers gets a hold of Laurie? At such a young age these were some of the feelings and questions I was having. Flash forward several years later and 1978 Halloween is still as fresh and scary for me as the thousand times I have watched it before. What that proves is that this film is a masterpiece. The acting is strong, the suspense is perfect, the cinematography is perfect and what really puts Halloween above all others is the musical score by John Carpenter. Perfect film 10 out 10.

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