RRR ★★★★

Riveting Roaring Repelling

I've always disregarded this for its length as I tend to avoid longer ones lately, but my gosh those three hours were pure amazing and I can't credit it enough for how good the pacing is. The action, musical, and flashback sequences are firmly unified by electrifying choreography, bombastic music, cool editing, and zealous directing that spares no expense in production design. And while we love to see two bros orchestrating a revolution and dancing their way against the colonisers, woven into the narrative are political implications needing re-evaluating (a casteist fantasy conforming to a hierarchical view).

A great leap for Tollywood, RRR (2022) is a maximalist epic that seamlessly amazes with visual and harmonic extravagance, only that it's muddled with troubling ideologies just as historical fiction usually does.

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