Hereditary ★★★★

As we started pushing in to what we first saw as a house miniature, that's when the confusion immediately and initially kicked in.

Following this family's way through psychosomatic tragedies, the plotline hints that they have just got themselves a metaphorical journey to hell. With mostly subtle clues scattered throughout the film, only at the end will—and should—it make total sense.

Director Aster did the structure masterfully so as to bring the tension buildup and grotesques through the roofs that I found myself either grossed out and terrified, or both (but also tittering at some scenes which I really shouldn't be). Alongside the actors giving admirable performances here (pretty much owing that to Collette's facial expressions), it sends the impression of how a man through intrinsic struggles allows himself to be susceptible to his inner demons.

Like a meticulously crafted diorama slowly panning across the room and drawing closer and closer to its tiny details, only then will Hereditary's (2018) full vision be actually realised. A worthwhile grandiose dread of a slow-burner, inherited from horror tropes.

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