Blonde ★★★

Almost like an anti-film. Shifting aspect ratios, changes from black & white to color, practically no narrative or clear story, handheld camera and blurred backgrounds for no discernible reason, just a series of scenes with little connective tissue other than showcasing what a miserable time it was to be Marilyn Monroe. 
However, I can’t say that I wasn’t compelled just as to where this was going and captivated by de Armas’ performance. I’m not sure it adds up to anything more than a (quite good) impersonation but she does add a certain layer of gravitas. Whether it’s the attempted through line of her daddy issues or just the fact that she tries to attain some sort of agency, de Armas carries this befuddling film on her shoulders right to the bitter end. In fact, the ending of this, the resolution of her father issue, is downright cruel. Whether or not it really happened isn’t the point, it just further twists the knife of her dreary existence. 
All in all, I’m not even sure that the point was or what Dominik was trying to explore. The price of fame? How misery is an inherent trait? At least it looks good. I appreciated all the era specific color grading and filters.

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