• Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    I saw this in IMAX for my 10th birthday with a bunch of my friends and that rocked. Might've went to Rainfortest Cafe too, it was the mall that Paul Blart patrols in his film.

    Didn't realize it was critically maligned until I was older. Anyways, I feel like given The Current State of Movies™, I really appreciate Raimi's thing. The sincerity is great, the campiness works, it's a movie that isn't embarrassed of itself in the same way MCU movies can feel (although I do like the Holland films, they're enjoyable enough for me).

    Sandman effects look really cool. Goo-pilled Peter is pretty funny.

  • You've Got Mail

    You've Got Mail


    What's hard for me with this movie, which I also found with A Shop Around the Corner, is how long Hanks' character is basically lying and behaving pretty cruelly to Ryan's character. It just doesn't feel earned when she turns around completely and accepts him.

    I liked how they did the date scene pretty similar to Shop Around the Corner that was cute. NYC is a character in this movie and it's a better one than Budapest in SATC, very…

  • Trading Places

    Trading Places


    Mostly holds up I think, nice morality tale about class/race, eddie murphy rocks, Ameche & Bellamy have a funny dynamic.

    Made me want to watch Black Monday

    The train car shit with all the racist impressions (and blackface) doesn't

  • Bridget Jones's Diary

    Bridget Jones's Diary


    Didn't realize this was British, was hooting and hollering during that fight scene

  • Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always

    Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always


    I feel like I was onboard with Euphoria in 2019 and now I can't help but thinking "Sam Levinson wrote this", especially with all the attempts at social commentary on race. I haven't seen Malcolm & Marie (2021) but that movie seemed pretty annoying. Less willing to forgive/enjoy the over-the-top-ness of the needledrop choices.

    Probably not fair of me, doesn't help that this is so bottle-y and dialogue heavy.

  • Julie & Julia

    Julie & Julia


    lobster killer scene is so funny, wasn't as invested in the julia story tbh. enjoyable, would watch again tho. love all the cooking/food shots

  • Being the Ricardos

    Being the Ricardos


    During a sequence where Desi describes his family being jailed and the military killing all their animals, my dad said "he's talking about Castro".

    I think that's the intended effect for Sorkin, who earlier had Desi say "The Bolsheviks burned my house down" to the question "Why did you come here?"

    They didn't. That was the 1933 Coup, they're not interchangeable. Really don't like Sorkin's loose relationship with the truth, often utilized for ideological ends. Especially given how everything he…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Really doesn't land.

    Reminds me of the second half of Downsizing, another not great high concept social commentary dramedy. I feel like everyone has been dreading it coming out but I was kinda rooting for it but no it’s not good!

    It's weird to have Leo as the main character if he's not gonna be very good, distracting. Chalamet story feels tacked on. Just doesn't work.

    The Ariana grande/kid Cudi song was a real low point. It's like Idiocracy with better politics, not sure that makes a better movie though!

    I’m still hopeful for the lakers show and the bad blood movie

  • The Silent Partner

    The Silent Partner


    Elliott Gould is a treasure, this poster looks sick. Really enjoyed watching this with my dad.

    Score is great, nice mystery vibe, kinda reminds me of Uncut Gems how he's juggling being in over his head the whole time. Christopher Plummer kills it too.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    This whips, cool that there's a few Twins Peaks ppl in it. Love the choreography and everything, don't watch a lot of musicals. gee officer crupke goes hard

  • The Fog

    The Fog


    They should put scooby doo in this

  • F9



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Went to the bathroom and came back and tyrese and ludacris were in space. For being in space tho it was pretty boring.