Where the Crawdads Sing

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I wanted to give this 3 1/2 but that didn’t seem right so I’m just rounding up. Consider it a 3 3/4. I have some scatterbrained thoughts so stick w me please :) I also plan on reading the book, but atm I can’t judge it for how well it stuck to the plot. 

Minus a whole ass star for the way Tate cut that cake. why. why. 

Add it to the “good for her” cinematic universe. 

At one point I thought it was Tate trying to win her back. At another point I thought it was Jumpin trying to protect the girl he’d seen battered her entire life. But I’m glad it was Kya. I like the irony of Chase being the one who even showed her the tower. There was just enough to keep your suspicions on other characters all the while showing you that Kya was more than capable. 

Usually I hate when a film is just packed with big name actors, but at some points I was wishing the two men were bigger names. But I changed my mind. Slightly unrelated, but I love Daisy ! Girl whatchu doing in the south get back to Ireland. 

I loved the setting. I don’t see many movies with the same setting. Very unique. Perfect. 

This theatre was the most elderly packed theater I’ve ever been in. Two old ladies looked at me leaving the theatre and giggled bc they thought I looked like Kya.

Oh and I share a last name with Kya epic. Relatable in more ways than one ig 😝 My sister shares two names w her though so she beats me. 

This is such a folklore movie. Muah. 

That’s all for now. I would rewatch it!

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