Spencer ★★★★½

A marvelous performance by Kristen Stewart, probably her best I’d say. She captures Diana magically; portraying her anxieties and her difficulty under one of Englands most controversial issues. The throne itself, and the Royal world that Diana had to endure is perfectly shown in Larraín’s piece of art. Literally, an artwork , filled with some of the best scores I’ve seen in awhile, an anxiety ridden ensemble of noises that seem to make you feel as if you’re Diana living in this hell with her. The fashion and design of Diana’s dresses are stunning as they come. And her makeup , to make Stewart look as unrecognizable as she is (as Diana) is pure talent. All three combined: music, fashion, & makeup, come together in an interesting way to display Diana’s wonderful aura. Stewart takes in all of this and displays that she’s capable of being a great watch, when working under great writing and direction. This is a must see, a tragedy that is overlooked in a world that isn’t so far away. It’s a painful story, but my favorite part was easily Diana’s friend Maggie telling her that all she needed was ‘love.’ And she couldn’t have been more correct. With love & support , Diana’s story wouldn’t be so tragic. Nonetheless, a terrific retelling of an awful Christmas for Diana.

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