Pig ★★★★½

I think this film fits perfectly with today’s world and people searching for meaning or purpose in their daily lives and struggling to find answers or a meaning. Pig does a great job at showing viewers what has meaning and what one should be keeping close to one’s self. The Pig itself is a great example of love and loss & what matters most in this crazy world. And it has an almost Buddhist way of going about it .
I was expecting something much more violent and Mandy like out of Cage , but he does the total opposite: he’s calm & carries himself well with a lot of meaning. It’s one of his better performances and his characters depth & wisdom comes not just from cooking , but also dealing with loss in many ways. A nice switch up in film & curious to see what Sarnoski has In store for the future. Go into this one knowing nothing about the movie , I assure you it’ll be the total opposite of what u imagined it would be.

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