The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★

The film has that odd TV movie glow. Everything is too brightly lit and the dialogue is cheesy. It does get a bit gritter once the violence begins but the tone is all off.

Saving this movie from total disaster are some decent performances. Will Patton delivered but I had a hard time caring about the rest of the family of ranchers. I would have enjoyed the film more had it just been about Adela and Juan or had it followed Darius instead (whatever happened to that guy? Did he ever find his family?).

But let's be honest, you're probably here for thrills and violence. There are a few suspenseful scenes but nothing on par with the previous films. As for the violence, there is so much CGI blood being thrown on screen that makes it all feel like a video game.

It's a good concept and there are interesting themes at play here but they're executed poorly. Particularly when the movie tries so hard to wrap the film up with a feel-good ending. For a film franchise that aims to make us take a hard look at our country, this one played it too safe.

Recommendation: Skip it. It's not bad, it's just horribly mediocre. I can't even recommend this to fans of the franchise since it feels more like a gritty Lifetime western than a Purge film. If you're interested in the concept, check out The Domestics (2018) instead.

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