Scream ★★★

The trailer and glowing reviews gave me high hopes for this movie. Many reviews said that this one is as good as the original. For me, that wasn't my experience.

Scream (2022) plays on being a requel but it covers the same territory that Scream 4 did with its satire on reboots and remakes. The film is shot well and the performances are good, but this wasn't as much fun as the previous films in the franchise. To a degree, this is intentional. The film is a satire of dark, gritty reimaginings of slasher films. Unfortunately, it feels less like a satire and more like the kinds of derivative remakes that it is attempting to poke fun at.

It follows the path laid out by the original film closely. The visuals are slick and the kills are gorier, but the humor rarely lands. The legacy cast is barely in this. Sydney and Gail are little more than cameos. The new cast is competent but largely forgettable. The standouts being Jack Quaid, Dylan Minette, and Jenna Ortega. The concept for our new final girl is interesting but Melissa Barrera's performance lacks energy until the third act. This isn't really her fault. There are far too many characters jammed into this thing and there is not enough room to develop them all. I also had a hard time believing that all of these people are friends. They are accusing each other of being the killer before the "rules" of surviving a Scream requel are even established.

That said, this movie raises the stakes in a way that many of the sequels failed to. The pacing also flies by. The final act is somewhat predicable, but it is intense. This wasn't the movie, I hoped it would be, but I did enjoy watching it.

Recommendation: Stream It
Scream (2022) is nowhere near as good as the original. It's not even as good as Scream 2 or 4. Unless you are a diehard Scream fan, I recommend waiting until this one is available to stream.

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