Moonlight ★★★½

A really well told and interesting film. The three part structure gave it a very understandable and comprehensive theme--it made it very clear who Chiron was and how he experienced the world through the context of his mother, community, and friendships. I personally felt the second part "ii. Chiron" was the strongest--I feel Kevin's character was really fleshed out here as well. Plus we had the amazing knock-out sequence with the bully (Terrel, played by Patrick Decile), and the shooting gave this moment of absolute frenzy. Mahersala Ali did a great job as Juan and it was sad to see him gone come the second act.
For all its good, I really felt the momentum careen downward as we hit the third part. We skipped over Chiron's transition to Black, which I think worked, but it seems as though the resolutions came to him with little to no effort. In his first interaction with his mother he finally expresses himself--with little to no struggle. His relationship with Kevin also glossed over their conflict--a short apology is all it takes. Perhaps it's showing his desperation for connection overriding his previous conflicts.
It is a good film overall. The visuals, particularly those on the beach, are phenomenal, and it is well worth a watch.

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