• Oklahoma!



    Glorious and witty, but otherwise quite vacuous in content.

  • The Karate Kid Part III

    The Karate Kid Part III


    Ok so the Daniel and Mr Miyagi stuff still definitely works, but teh motivation and behaviour of the bad guys in this is mind-bendingly goofy and unreal. The script feels like its from a coked-up insomniac.

  • Carry On Teacher

    Carry On Teacher


    Fun, early carry on, a nice way to pass 85 minutes.

  • The Curse of Frankenstein

    The Curse of Frankenstein


    Sad story of brilliant genius doctor who gets double-crossed by his sketchy teacher/assistant who goes yellow just as the important work starts to pay off, yet continues to leech off of our hero's hospitality, all the while obviously having the hots for the genius's vacuous fiancee. The lesson here is don't trust a spineless wannabe with delusions of adequacy - they'll let you get executed for a crime you didn't commit if they think they can run off with your woman.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    I enjoyed with quite a bit, but it was confusing (but not irriratingly so) and totally bonkers. But I was still invested by the end, so pretty decent.

  • The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions


    The first hour of this movie, apart from one gunfight, really, really stinks. It's boring, ponderous, flat, undramatic and dull. And tedious, irritating, mind-numbing and dreary. I give it 0.5/5

    The second hour of this movie (to be precise, starting at 1 hour 2 minutes, 58 seconds) is exciting, enthralling, goofy, silly, and all round extremely entertaining. I give it 4.5/5

    I make that an average of 2.5/5!

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded


    Basil Exposition should have been a main character in this.

    Damn them Wachowskis, delivering a movie that's a mix of mind-bendingly great action set pieces, in with some of the stodgiest, claptrapiest exposition you'd hear outside of a parliamentary debate about farming quotas.



    I forgive you though, cos of the first Matrix, and Speed Racer.

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Amazing movie, and probably the most influential scifi movie of the last 20 years. Great premise, action, casting, acting, visuals and music, with the only weakness being the script is a little clichéd/stilted.

    Hugo Weaving and Lawrence Fishbourne really dominate the proceedings, and give the film a gravitas not often seen (attempted, but not seen) in many other scifi movies in the last 20 years. The parent of many, many copies both in tone and in approach to stuntwork (Inception just forces you to remember The Matrix, for example), and a cracking movie in its own right.

  • The Animatrix

    The Animatrix


    Rather fine, though not entirely satisfying set of short stories set in the universe of the Matrix. Some are just superb to look at, some tell you much, much more about the Matrix than all 3 movies, and some are just goofy. Last Flight of the Osiris and The Second Renaissance I+II are the only really key ones.

  • Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut

    Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut


    Recut to introduce a more 70s thoughtful sensibility to the sheer cinematic madness that is the refined 80s of Rocky 4


    Drops from 5/5 to 4/5, sorry.

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    Fun, very enjoyable sequel that was bananas.

  • Venom



    Very enjoyable super villain movie, with a great turn from Hardy as Eddie/Venom. Felt like a very fun movie version of the game Prototype.