Zodiac ★★★★½

9/10 Being the criminology obsessed person I am, the Zodiac killer is one of my favourite cases ever. It's fascinating and has a maze like edge to it that seems as if it was completely out of fiction. The ciphers, baffling amount of contradictory evidence and the large scale investigations that could never quite find an answer make it something that lingers in my head more often than what is probably right.

David Fincher brings it to the screen sensationally. Over the course of its massive run time Zodiac precisely constructs a timeline of evidence and makes the people in the story tangible enough for it to feel consequential not just as a murder mystery but on a personal level. Information is thrown at you double time and as I'm scrambling around trying to catch every coffee stained piece of paperwork I find that it's consistently interesting even when I know the ending, there's still a sense of unpredictability as if suddenly history is going to rewrite itself and a different set of words are going to appear at the end credits.

Fincher's ability to keep the tension sustained for the entirety is masterful and the dreaded basement scene is without a doubt one of the most chilling scenes I've ever sat through.

It didn't quite grip me like last time but having already researched it more after my first viewing it was bound to lose a little something.
Just on an end note, there's only ever been two films that have left me wandering the internet and taking notes down after it in a hectic effort to calm my need to learn more about it. This is one of them.

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