The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

There's something about The Social Network that completely draws you in. It takes a while to happen but when the stakes rise and passions start intertwining with business it's grabbing in a way that had me frustrated watching as if I had my own shares that were about to be put in danger.
I found Eduardo to be who I sided with but I'm sure others would have slightly different opinions. Maybe that's why it is so immersive. A lot of the arguments are based on view points and I can see that people would have different perspectives regarding both the twins, Sean and Eduardo. Andrew Garfield's increasingly agitated performance was fantastic too. I was worried and angry FOR him.

Despite the prick of a protagonist that I go back and forth between liking and the utter shit treatment of women it's unbelievable film making. Fincher's direction is clean and comfortable using simple techniques. The switching between the past and present is fluid and the pacing is a dream. Those 2 hours fly by.

I'm glad I finally watched this and I'm in love.

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