Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★½

Had a good time with this. Perfect for a laidback cinema watch. Think it loses itself a little towards the end after a really charming first hour but I usually tend to overrate stuff like this for fangirl reasons so I'm happy to report it's solid if not a bit mechanical and lacking flair.

Hoping the blu-ray version of the film will have some cut character moments cause the script is very focused on the plot with it being a heist film.
The characters are all great, feel like Lou should have been given more of a chance to shine as she's really the only one close enough to Debbie to create some plot tension but in general I'm pleased with the whole cast and just would have liked a bit more there even if it was just more humour.

There's a scene about half way through when Debbie and Lou have a little debate over one of Debbie's decisions, and we hear they've had "rough patches" before, when that happened I was like okay yeah some friction that's good. But I think the film shyed away from it due to all the sexist talk of women not being able to work together. That's a double edged sword and has no easy answer but in my opinion there can definitely be some emotional stake added by having it not be an easy ride for them, doesn't have to be conflict even. It's a shame the writers had to tiptoe round stuff like that because of the fact idiots made jokes when the film was announced. It was a good moment and I wish it wasn't dropped so quickly.

Definitely slick enough to be an Oceans movie and definitely likeable enough to have properties for people who came for things other than theft. Give me another

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