Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding ★★★

I'm used to Noah Baumbach and his dark comedy but man this was so dry. I think he is such a talented writer. He has a natural ability to make his characters fascinating but absolutely real. A lot of credit goes to Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh too, their performances are so reliable.

This is one of the best sibling dynamics I've seen on screen. We have our most despicable moments in front of them, but also never laugh as much with anyone else.

Baumbach doesn't even flirt with melodrama in his writing style despite his characters always having flair for it. Which makes no sense but I'm right, right? They just can't help themselves. Like so many real people held back by their own ridiculousness in a way they're only half-aware of. Thoroughly flawed and unbalanced. You cant teach people how to write like that, it's instinct and understanding of the human psyche.

All of this doesn't stop the film being full of... nothingness. But as a study of family relationships and the weirdness of parenthood from someone with questionable maternal skills it's quite intriguing.

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