Logan ★★★★½

Logan is everything the X-Men are about: family, hope, and the undeniably primal urge to protect our own. Its determination in showing nothing but respect to not just Wolverine, but what the group of characters mean in general, is staggering. You'll find a small dose of nostalgia, too. But not enough to make any of it sting any less.

Hugh Jackman gives his best performance as Wolverine to date. He looks great and reminds me in every scene he's in why this was one of the best comic book castings ever. Utter dedication to his portrayal is evident in the haunted look behind his eyes, the way he looks at Charles, and his physicality.

I love X-23. She's one of my favourite Marvel characters and this is a fantastic version of her. She's as dark, stubborn, and capable as you could hope for. One of my favourite things is her fight choreography. She has a unique style different to Logan's, and it's ferocious.

The action is blistering - the R-rating is used to such advantage. This is the claw face-fucking you didn't know you needed! The realism is heightened and it's relieving to finally get to see it in a more wholesome fashion.

It's so clear that Mangold set out to appreciate, give thanks to and ultimately highlight Wolverine. He gets up punch after punch, struggling, tormented and tired but still fighting every step of the way while dragging his past behind him. It's sad. Logan is weathered and beaten down by the loss of everything he held dear. It's without a doubt the most emotionally compelling Marvel film, and just one of the best in general.

I was rendered speechless at the end when a perfectly fitting Johnny Cash song came over the speakers - one of my favourites, no less. I liked the fact they kept consistency with music choice from the trailer.

What a perfect send off to a commendable and long-loved character. The world needs more X-Men stories, especially when they hit home as well as this one does. As the screen fades to black, it's the end of an era, but it doesn't feel as if anything has been lost because of what Logan has proved. Kind of feels like you've just been fought for.

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