Halloween ★★★½

*40th anniversary screening* / Hooptober 5

Broke my no horror at the cinema rule to see this. Was an incredible experience to get to see this classic the way it was intended. The scares were jumpier, the music more penetrating and the wide lens panavision film looked stunning - was especially impressed with how the lighting and colours looked. The texture and grain was just right too.

If it weren't for the audience who giggled at every scene it would've been without fault. Do you guys ever get those screenings? Where people laugh at things that are obviously not comedic? There's a lot of them these days. At first I thought it was pure joyous reactions to the movie but after a while I realised the laughs were always on Michael's cues, and it was clearly a misunderstanding of the intention of the film. It was treated like how Scream would be treated which is so confusing to me because the film is in no way meta. Maybe it speaks to the film's impact, people were laughing at horror tropes it created after all. Which kind of sucks and ruined the scary atmosphere Carpenter worked hard to create but you win some you lose some.

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