Aftersun ★★★★★

That striped tee truly did have Scot dads in a chokehold through the 80s and 90s. The nostalgia truck hit me hard with this one.

Absolutely stunning. There's little words to do justice to its mellow brevity and captivatingly subtle character work.

Probably my favourite cinematography/editing of the year — the way it mimics a child's fractured recollections of things they're not quite sure how to place until they're looking back at them retrospect was so moving.

A beautiful, beautiful movie dripping with real emotion and intimite details.

There's always one or two movies I'm devastated to have missed in theatres every year, this one and I had a few dates set I never made it to. I regret that massively. Didn't even realise it was a Scottish production, which makes me feel even worse for not supporting its theatrical run. Blu-ray it is.

I find it fascinating that some viewers seem to have watched most of this movie not realising what the ending was going to be, while others saw the inevitable coming pretty much immediately — and what that potentially says about the life experiences of the audience member is interesting.

I also totally disagree with people who think the more chaotic and visceral last 5 minutes are a slight to the rest of the movie. Aftersun is full of moments of aching invisibile pain and mismatched experiences — to relive the memories but not to be able to bestow information or perspective on her younger self is difficult, so to have that flickering dance scene in the dark culminate with all of the contradictory and complex feelings people are left with in the wake of a tragedy like this felt cathartic and natural. Art is about sharing our experiences and empathy, in my opinion the idea that in a movie like this a scene could be too sentimental or earnest is a misunderstanding of the exercise of creating it in the first place. The majority of the film is minimalist because of the failure to see struggle, and how people hide it. It makes total sense for the peaceful waves to crescendo into crashes with desperate attempts to hold on and scream through the void.

A colossal achievement born from what surely was an intense desire to convert painful distance into something tangible.

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