Writing with Fire

Writing with Fire ★★★★

Following the courageous journalists behind Khabar Lahariya, India’s only all-female-run newspaper, Writing with Fire illustrates the lengths some reporters are willing to go to expose brutal truths in the face of incredible obstacles. 

As their chief editor, Meera, puts it, “journalism is the essence of democracy and a vehicle for fighting for justice”, and the journalists are seen reporting from some of the most challenging regions of the country. The filmmaking team of Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh have crafted an inspiring feature, and palpable throughout is the understanding of the enormous responsibility that Meera and her staff have on their shoulders together with dealing with the tensions between old cultural norms and the realities of modern life. Writing with Fire is an essential portrait of the fight for press freedom and the plight of the lowest stratum castes in India.