Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Despite its relatively short run time, clocking in at a slim 87 minutes, Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox manages to compress plenty of characterisation, subplots and comedy into one well-oiled narrative. The activities of its characters are distinctive, drifting from beautifully smooth to deliberately awkward, and the multiple close-ups on faces, which is a typical feature in Anderson's films, feature some extraordinary animation. The American filmmaker's signature touches are all over the production. He adds quite a bit to Roald Dahl's original children's book, simultaneously giving rise to it becoming feature-length and accommodating his expected cinematic quirkiness. The voice cast, including George Clooney, Bill Murray, and Meryl Streep, are provided perfect vessels for their talents, with every hair and whisker of their characters moving minutely. Despite the departures from Dahl's book Anderson has managed to retain the heart and spirit of the story. By a stroke of luck, he also uncovered an alternate ending from the original manuscript, which gets lovingly embraced in the film.

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